Check Restore

Our Check Restore service offers quick replacement of your checks, providing peace of mind if your business checks are ever stolen or subject to fraud.

What is the Check Restore program?

Check Restore is an optional upgrade to your printed check products. Our Check Restore service will deliver new checks to you within three business days at no cost if your checks are ever stolen or fraud attempts are made on your account that require a change to your banking account number. This service will provide you peace of mind, knowing that you will have checks for your payables and payroll three business days from when you notify us.

What is the cost for this service?

The cost for our Check Restore service is only $8 per order plus 1.5 cents per check. Example: Customer orders 1000 printed value checks and chooses to upgrade to our Check Restore option for the additional cost of $23 ($8 fee plus 1.5 cents a check).

If I do experience fraud attempts or stolen checks on my account, how do I request my new checks?

The process is very simple. Just call our customer care team, explain what happened and provide us with your new bank account information that replaces the hacked account. We will then reproduce your original check order using the same check number range but with your new bank account number within two business days. The first 250 checks are then shipped overnight to your address of record while the rest are shipped UPS Ground.

Are there any exceptions to the three-day replacement timeline?

The only exceptions are for premium checks with the check at the bottom position or checks with 3+ colors. These checks need an extra production day and will arrive in four business days. Please note that we need to be notified by 11 a.m., PST to start the 3-day replacement window.

What time will I receive my replacement checks?

We ship via UPS. UPS estimates all overnight deliveries will arrive by 10:30 a.m. if delivered to a commercial address. If delivered to a residential address or commercial address in a rural zone, then deliveries will arrive any time as late as 12 a.m. per UPS guidelines. You will receive the first 250 checks this way, with the remainder via UPS Ground.

How do I add the Check Restore service to my order?

You can easily add our Check Restore service to your check order by just selecting the Check Restore button in your shopping cart when ordering your checks. You can also ask our customer support team when placing your check order.

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